Hindustan Times Women’s Day Celebrations

Hindustan Times launched a musical “Ode to Women” – a song with the thought of inspiring women to rediscover themselves and be their true self. The song had an uplifting, celebratory and joyful mood to it.


To celebrate the beauty of womanhood and initiate a programme that can highlight the spirit of a woman and leave a lasting footprint in the minds of people.


  1. The DQ team composed a soulful melody called “We Love the Girl in You” reiterating the compassion in the heart of a woman, the splendour in her eyes, the will of her mind, and the laughter in her smile.
  2. We had also spread the message to all the customers, thereby taking a 360 digital route, starting with sharing the You Tube video on different social pages of Hindustan Times.
  3. We created special Facebook tabs for sharing and downloading the songs.
  4. We established strategic ties with Airtel and Vodafone that allowed people to download songs and use them as their caller tunes.
  5. Song downloads for mobile were facilitated through different methods like IVR and iTunes.


The exemplary results of the campaign were as follows:

  1. Apporx. 3.4 lakh user interactions for the exciting content.
  2. The You Tube video achieved over 1,71,000 views.
  3. The Facebook page witnessed over 50,300 interactions.
  4. The audio song registered more than 16,000 plays on the Indian music portal, Dhingana.
  5. More than 1,20,000 downloads were made in a span of 2 weeks.