Nestle Get Healthy Delhi

Nestle is a leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company with the mission of “Good Food, Good Life”. They provide their consumers with the best taste, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions from morning to night.



Brand wanted to encourage people to live a healthy and fit life through the campaign ‘Get Healthy Delhi’ and create a buzz around the campaign.


Approach and Solution

The DQ team came up with a multi platform strategy for Nestle.

  1. Micro-site:

A highly informative website which encouraged the users to take the “Healthier Me Pledge” and join the “Get Healthy Campaign”.

  1. Monthly Newsletter: Informative newsletters were sent to the subscribers.
  2. Facebook: The platform was leveraged to engage customers through live chats with Dr. Shikha Sharma (Dietician) and Vesna Jacob (Fitness Expert).
  3. Twitter: #HealthOnTheGo and #GetHealthy were promoted.



  1. 4 Lakh people took the “Healthier Me Pledge” in 3 Months.
  2. 1 Mn impressions and 11K fans.
  3. 1 Lakh+ user engagement.