Shine Career Plus Great Online Shopping Festival

To create brand awareness among customers and use it ideally for getting more traffic on Shine Career plus Great Online Shopping Festival website.

At DQ, we created a microsite with the name of, featuring a series of funny reactions that a resume generates. Apart from this, we simultaneously triggered other initiatives:

  1. Created a parody Rajinikanth Linkedin profile.
  2. A two day Twitter contest with #ASuperCVHas and #RajinikanthCV.
  3. Content series on CV bloopers and a wall contest on Rajinikanth’s birthday for brand salience on Facebook.
  4. Visual representation of the Batman CV that was shared across all platforms.

The Results

The remarkable results achieved through the campaign were as follows:

  1. It gained 200 interactions and 700 page views within a span of 2 days on the microsite.
  2. #ASuperCVHas trended #1 and #2 worldwide, #RajinikanthCV trended #2 in India.
  3. The campaign reached more than 1 million people.