Breakfast with tropicana

Tropicana is one of the leading packaged 100% juice brands over the globe. Available in 63 countries, it is well known for its distinct identity. The brand is committed to fostering healthy lifestyles by ensuring that its products are naturally nutritious and provide the daily benefits that one needs.



To create a platform for supplemental interaction with customers and engage them with the product.



DQ adopted a two pronged strategy towards the Tropicana Campaign:

  1. We launched #BreakfastWithTropicana on Twitter to reinforce the significance of Tropicana in the first meal of the day.
  2. We also released Vine videos across all regions of India that showcased funny situations based on #SkippedBreakfastBecause.


The Result
The results of the campaign were highly motivating:

  1. #SkippedBreakfastBecuase trended no. 2 worldwide and no. 1 in India.
  2. There were 19.9 million impressions and the reach was 9.95 million with more than 17 thousand unique tweets.
  3. There were 6000 brand mentions and almost 2.5 thousand people participated with retweeting around 3 thousand times.