that provides SEGMENTED TARGETING, RE-TARGETING, time of day targeting analytics

Rural Bharat is catching up fast with urban India as various pointers in the 68th National Sample Survey data show that the monthly per capita expenditure (MPCE) has grown to 38%. Major relevant categories of non-food expenditure are Entertainment 26 %, Medical Expenses 7 % , Education 3.5%.


voiceQ is an award winning platform to reach out to areas, especially in Rural areas where media is not that prominent.


The best platform for such areas is IVR. Here’s why


• Population is plagued by daily power cuts.
• Only 20% traditional media coverage.
• Literacy rate among rural population is 67.8%.
• Needs to communicate in Indian local languages.

voiceQ is helpful in driving repeated engagement & for building brand loyalty in an ROI efficient manner.


In voiceQ there are two types of offerings:


Customizable solution: IVR solution reaches out to 80 Million plus users annually. Fully hosted, enterprise grade managed service solution. DQ managed service model. Targeting based on deep analytics, which results as segmented targeting, re-targeting, time of day targeting and other segmentation features. Content creation in multiple languages. Devising unique, relevant creative solutions based on true insight and consumers connect.


Software-as-a-Service model: Provided flexible & scalable business model with repeatable revenue streams as a service offering, Digital Quotient has created standardized packages for mobile voice offering to brands. The offering called ‘Sarthi’ is Infotainment service in Indian regional languages which includes entertainment content, advertising jingle, targeted outreach to defined user base, technology for rendering and reporting to demonstrate success parameters. These are kept at different price points in order to drive experimentation and sustainability where needed. It can provide useful information to various groups such as agriculture tips to farmers.

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